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Military Equipment
54mm (1:32 Scale)

E-1 Axe $0.40

E-2 Field Bag, U.S. WWII $0.45

E-3 Field Bag W/Blanket & Shovel U.S. $0.85

E-4 Indian Bag $0.45

E-5 Indian Bow $0.40

E-6 Ammo Box 50 Cal M2 U.S. WWII $0.45
E-7 Ammo Box 30 Cal M1A1 U.S. WWII $0.45
E-8 Ammo Box 7.9mm German WWII $0.45
E-9 Ammo Box 7.9mm, Open With Belt $0.45

E-10 Ammo Box German 08-15 WWI & II $0.85
E-11 Wood Box W/50 Cal Ammo U.S. WWII $0.85

E-12 Wood Box 30 Cal U.S. WWI & II $0.45

E-13 Canteen, U.S. WWI & II $0.30

E-14 Cartridge Pouch, U.S. 1864 $0.45

E-15 Chest Ammo U.S. 1850 - 1870 $0.85

E-16 Gasmask Pouch U.S. WWII $0.45

E-17 Gabion (Earth Filled Basket) $1.10

E-18 Jerrican, U.S. WWII $0.85

E-19 Helmet, German WWII $0.45
E-20 Helmet, U.S. WWII To Date $0.45

E-21 Trench Knife M3 WWII $0.15

E-22 Indian Knife $0.30

E-23 55 Gal. Oil Drum (Polymer Resin) $1.10

E-24 Pick $0.40

E-25 Powder Horn $0.40

E-26 Indian Quiver $0.45

E-27 Shovel, German WWII $0.40
E-28 Shovel, U.S. $0.40

E-29 Telephone Case EE-S, U.S. WWII $0.45

E-30 Indian Tomahawk $0.30

E-31 Wicker Shell Case 88mm Open German $0.85
E-32 Wicker Shell Case 88mm Closed $0.85

E-33 Entrenching Tool, U.S. WWII $0.40

E-34 Ammo Drum 7.9mm German WWII $0.30

E-35 Ammo Drum 7.9mm Pair German WWII $0.45
E-36 Ammo Drum 7.9mm Pair In Carrier $0.45

E-37 Stretcher, U.S. WWII (Rolled Up) $0.85

E-38 Lance W/Pennon $0.45

E-39 Entrenching Tool, German WWII $0.40

E-40 Schmeisser Clips, L & R German WWII $0.45

E-41 Ammo Pouches, German WWI & II $0.40
E-42 Gasmask Canister, German WWII $0.40

E-43 Mess Kit, German WWII $0.30
E-44 Canteen, German WWII $0.30

E-45 Shelter Quarter, German WWII $0.45

E-46 Bayonet In Scabbard, German $0.30

E-47 German Stick Grenade, WWI & II $0.15

E-48 Helmet, German WWI $0.45

E-49 Pack & Blanket Roll German WWII $0.85

E-50 Teller Mine, German WWII $0.45

E-51 Binoculars & Case $0.40

E-52 Shell Casing 88mm, German WWII $0.45

E-53 Bazooka Shell, German WWII $0.40
E-54 Bazooka Shell, U.S. WWII $0.40

E-55 40mm x 4 Shell Clip U.S. WWII $0.45

E-56 40mm Shell Casing, Used $0.15

E-57 40mm Wooden Ammo Box U.S. WWII $1.10

E-58 Walkie-Talkie, U.S. WWII $0.40

E-59 Jerrican German WWII $0.85

E-60 Wirecutters, German WWII $0.40

E-61 Map Case, German WWII $0.45

E-62 Boots, German WWI & WWII $0.85

E-63 Long Handle Shovel, German WWII $0.45

E-64 Sledge Hammer $0.40

E-65 Helmet, German Afrika Korps $0.45

E-66 Helmet, Japanese WWII $0.45

E-67 Canteen, Japanese WWII $0.30

E-68 Helmet, U.S. W/Net Cover WWII $0.45

E-69 Shoes, U.S. G.I. WWII $0.45

E-70 Belt, Web, U.S. WWI & II $0.40

E-71 S Clip Ammo Pouch, Pair U.S. WWII $0.45

E-72 Ammo & First-aid Pouches, U.S. $0.40

E-73 Helmet, U.S. & British WWI & II $0.45

E-74 Helmet, British W/Net WWII $0.40

E-75 Wooden Canteen $0.45

E-76 Camp Kettle $0.85
E-77 Ammo Chest 50 Cal AA Gun U.S. WWII $0.85

E-78 Ammo Case, Russian Degtyrev WWII $0.45

E-79 Ammo Chest, British Screw Gun $0.85

E-80 Iron Skillet $0.40

E-81 Coffee Pot $0.45
E-82 Head, German W/Gas Mask WWI $0.45

E-83 Canister, Gas Mask German WWI $0.30

E-84 Small Tool Set $0.85
E-85 Campfire $1.10

E-86 Haversack, British WWII $0.45
E-87 Canteen, British WWII $0.45

E-88 "K" Ben Drum $0.15
E-89 Lewis Gun Drum $0.15

E-90 Broom $0.45

E-91 Beer Stein $0.40
E-92 TinCup $0.15

E-93 Wine Bottle (Anytime) $0.30
E-94 Whiskey Bottle $0.30

E-95 Brandy Bottle $0.45

E-96 Folding Camp Table $2.20

E-97 Folding Camp Stool $1.00


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