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Military Figures
54mm (1:32 Scale)

CM201 Ojibway Indian 1750 $7.70

CM202 Blackfoot Brave 1850 $7.70

CM203 Oceola, Seminole Chief, 1830 $7.70

CM204 Mandan Indian Chief 1830 $7.70

CM205 Hudson Bay Trapper 1750 $7.70

CM206 Wyandot Wampum Runner 1750 $7.70

CM208 Zulu Lieutenant 1875 $7.70


CM213 Sioux Indian, Mounted 1876 $16.50

CM214 U.S. Inf. Firing Lewis, AA Wheel Mnt 1918 $11.00

CM215 German Machine Gunner W/Complete Maxim 08 $11.00

CM216 German W/08 Maxim Mount 1916 $7.70

CM217 German W/08 Maxim Barrel & Ammo Box $7.70

CM218 German W/08-15 Maxim & Ammo Box $7.70

CM219 German W/2 Ammo Boxes $7.70


CM220 Two German MG's Carrying Maxim 08, 1916 $16.50

CM221 U.S. G.I. Standing W/Slung Rifle 1944 $7.70

CM222 U.S. G.I. Standing W/50 Cal M-1 $7.70

CM223 U.S. G.I. Standing W/BAR$7.70

CM224 U.S. G.I. Seated W/Field Phone $7.70


CM225 U.S. G.I. Seated W/50 Cal M-1 MG 1944 $11.00

CM226 U.S. G.I. Seated W/30 Cal M1917MG 1944 $1.00

CM227 U.S. G.I. Kneeling W/Field Phone $7.70


CM228 U.S. G.I. Kneeling W/60mm Mortar 1944 $11.00

CM229 U.S. G.I. Kneeling W/Tommy Gun $7.70

CM230 U.S. G.I. Walking W/Slung M-1 Rifle $7.70

CM231 U.S. Tanker Seated W/M-1 Carbine $7.70

CM232 U.S. Navy Gunner (For Use With AW-13) $7.70


CM233 U.S. Navy Gunner W/20mm Oerlikon, 1944 $16.50

CM234 Mule Limbered W/U.S. Mount Howitzer, 1836 $17.60

CM235 Two Mules W/U.S. Mnt. Howitzer, Back Packed $26.40

CM236 Mule, Back Packed W/2 Ammo Chests, 1836 $13.20

CM237 U.S. B-17 Pilot "On The Base" 1944 $7.70

CM238 U.S. Fighter Pilot In Flying Gear, 1944 $7.70

CM239 German M. Gunner W/Folded Mg42 Mount 1944 $11.00

CM240 Dog (Breed Unknown) Seated $1.65


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