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Tunes to Torture Your Cat By,  John Inchingham

Side A: Rapier Rats, Midrealm Lullaby, Shopspur, Dietrich's Lovesong, Marie's Dream, Duke Sir Palymar, Katya's Call, God-Forsaken Man, Rogue Wizard's Lament, Rapier Rats II

Side B: Rapier Rats III, Who Ever Weeps for the Queen?, Canticle of Al-Jafar, Dragon's three Sons, Dietrich's Privateers, Tangwystl's Spmg. Crossbow Maker, Seasonal Kings, Rapier Rats IV.



Dances with Weaselops by, John Inchingham

1. Border Booshka
2. Squire Inchingham
3. Ship of Fools
4. Gran'Nuncle Dagan
5. Slimy Grimy Kitchen-0
6. Giant's Mead
7. Fum's birth Myth
8. Talbot's Progress
9. Palymar's Palfrey
10. Thorbjorn's Reach
11. Not-So-sotto Voce Madrigal
12. Black dog
13.Final Cavalier
14. Northshield Saga
15. Tale of O'Chitl
16. Land of Milk and Honey
17. Golden Round
18. Watchmaiden




John Inchingham and
Monks of Sans Nomen

1. Sans Nomen Rag
2. InDUCKtion Song
3. I'm Apprenticed to a Squire
4. Death Doom and Gloom
5. Mad Hunt of Karl der Vahn
6. Silver Thimble Round
7. Nomatter What some Knights Think
8. Young Damon Kirby
9. Dragon-Carven Throne
10. Glaive of Au Cluin
11. Rock of Illion
12. Ballad of Saint Bunstable
13. Fair-Haired Mik'lynn
14. Camilla's Hymn
15. Mister Duncan
16. Sing Ode to Brighid
17. Last on the Field
18. Pennsic Emperor
19. Margali Saves
20. Somebody's First to Die (the Midlands version)





1. Banish misfortune
2. Dolce Amoroso Fuoco
3. Canarias
4. Fedelta
5. Quen Quer Que Vocal
6. Gracca Amorosa
7. Scotch Cap
8. Chestnut
9. II Conto Dell'Orco
10. Villanella
11. Jenny Pluck Pears
12. Old Mole
13. Oranges and Lemons
14. Cuckolds All a Row
15. Quen Quer Que Instrumental
16. Maid at the Spinning Wheel
17. On The Banks of Helicon
18. Lo Spagnoletto
19. Gathering Peascods
20. Lord Sun and Lady Moon
21. Mairi's Wedding



1. Trip to Kilbourne
2. Lynchburg Town
3. Bounder
4. Farewell to Erin/The Gravel Walks to Grannie
5. Leatherwing Bat
6. dill Pickles, a Rag
7. Coleraine/Klose Jig
8. False Lights
9. Whiskey Before Breakfast
10. Dream Fountain
11. Minstrel Boy/march of the King of Laois
12. Bully in the Alley
13. Super Chicken
14. Dunbarton's Drums
15. Mouse in My Shoe
16. Katy Cruel
17. Mornin' Dew Set
18. Man and the Wok
19. Mist-Covered Mountains
20. Wild Rover Blues


Daniel marcotte

1. The Legend of Knockfierna
2. Her eyes Like the Skies
3. the Pirate's Widow
4. The Lady of Shallot
5. And Still I Dream
6. The Firefly
7. The Dagger
8. Sir Lionel the Spiteful Knight



Side One:

J'ai Vu Le Loup
Weep O Mine Eyes
Advice From The Animals
Wild Mountain Thyme
The Golden Vanity
The Ankle-Twister Set

Side Two:

I'll Tell Me Ma
Fiddler's Green
The Wedding Banquet
The Water is Wide
The Irish Jigg
Bristol That Stands

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New World Renaissance Band

Side A:

Drive the Cold Winter Away
II Prigioniego
Es Ware Ein Schoner Jungling
In Hac Valle Florida
Dessembling Love
Belle Qui tiens Ma Vie
Mignonne, Allon Voib Si La Roze

Side B:

What then is Love but Mourning
La Sirena
O Lady, For Thy Constance
Pastime With Good Company
Fortune Mt Foe
Depart, Depart
Mon Coeur Se Recommande 'A Vous


Owan Phyle

1. special Province
2. Ja Nus Hons Pris
3..Fa La La Lan
4. Worldes Blis
5. El Rey De Francia
6. L'Amor Dona Ch'io Te Porto
7. O che Diletto
8. My Fate
9. Pucelete
10. Una Matika
11. Mes Pas Semez
12. Alle, Psallite Cum Luya
13. A Health To The Company



1. Tourdion/Gypsen Davey
2. Jamie Raeburn's Farewell
3. Last May A Braw Wooer
4. Liverpool Judies
5. Maid On The Shore
6. Berayna
7. Luce Brothers
8. Twa Brothers
9. Hielan Sodger
10. Witch of the Westmorland
11. Saltpetre Shanty
12. Sail Away

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Lute Works by, Stefono Pando

Musica Subterranea

Where Beauty moves and Withe Delites


Sweet was the Song

Poets, Bards & Singers of Song

Once Upon a Tune

Magic Steps(dance),



Setting Sail


Jessie Linder and Friends



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